NFL Predictions: Gridiron Heights Takes Us to Politics in Football

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Gridiron Heights

Bleacher Report?just released new video content called Gridiron Heights. This is planned to be a series. It is a?cartoon short that looks to?satirize the politics in football. The first release involves the lampooning of star athletes like Tony Romo, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.

The premiere episode is titled ?The Flashy Rookie and the Forgotten Star?. See it below.

We see, in the video, flashy Ezekiel Elliott getting introduced to other NFL athletes. We see Gronkowski tearing up a keg and a bandaged wrap Romo saying he hates his bones. Brady was left out of the bus and so was Jhurell Pressley who just got cut by the Green Bay Packers just this September 14th. ?We see Brady, ?the forgotten star,? trying to deal with sitting out because of his suspension.

The cartoon series looks?neatly produced. Fans would sure want more of Gridiron Heights in the future. The only problem that one can find is that this cartoon short is really short. Bleacher Report announced that this is going to be a weekly thing.

Ezekiel Elliott, the Flashy Rookie ?????????

Elliott came to the NFL with much hype. He too is a little too loud for the taste of some. On SBNation Blogging The Boys blog, a Dallas Cowboys fan blog site reminds us of how ?flashy? Elliott came or comes across.

Elliott was a star at Ohio State known for breaking tackles and long runs. He also was the fourth-overall pick in the 2016 draft. He too is the only first round running back at that. The hype sure has some grounds. But he too helped the hype by telling the Dallas Morning News in August that he?ll have one of the easiest jobs in America running behind the best offensive line in the country. He added that he will see huge holes thanks to the offensive line.

There weren?t many holes though in his first game against the Giants. The Cowboys suffered a 20-19 loss. Elliott managed to finish the game with a touchdown with 20 carries and 51 yards. This he said was quite average in the game.

Luckily for him, it is only week one as he told Erik Dickerson, who set the rookie rushing yard record of 1,808 yards in 1983, that he was going to beat it. Will he ever get to? We will find out if he can back up his words. Maybe, he?ll get more toon time on Gridiron Heights.

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