Nexus 9 Tips & Tricks: 4 Helpful Features And How To Use Them

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Check out these useful Nexus 9 tips & tricks to help you get started. (Image courtesy of Google)

The Nexus 9 has been released a few months back and it easily became one of the best Android tablets around. This Google-branded device is made in partnership with HTC and sports a sharp 8.9-inch display, 8MP main camera, dual front facing speakers, and a fast NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset. Whether you?ve just unboxed your new tablet or you?re already using it for a while, here are some exciting Nexus 9 tips & tricks that will help you maximize its amazing features.

Guest Mode

If ever you need to lend your Nexus 9 to another person and you want to keep everything you put on it private, Android Authority recommends that you use Guest Mode. This feature lets you set up a limited interface to be perused by the person you temporarily handed your tablet to. To activate it, swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers to access the quick settings menu. From there, you can tap on the user profile image at the upper right corner where you can enable guest mode or add a new user.

Smart Lock

This new tablet model from Google has a lot of security features in place. If you?ve set up a password, pattern, or screen lock PIN, then you may also make use of the Smart Lock feature. This includes a face unlock as well as the Trusted Device option. Upon activating the latter, you will be able to use your car?s Bluetooth system, for example, to unlock your Nexus 9. Enable it by navigating to Settings > Security > Smart Lock.

Disabling notifications

If you have a number of applications installed, then you can benefit a lot from this tip, folks from Digital Trends suggested. A constant flood of alerts and notifications from apps and games can be huge pain in the rear but the Nexus 9, thankfully, has a built-in solution. All you have to do is navigate to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications and choose Block on whatever application you don?t want to be disturbed about.

Screen Pinning

This feature goes hand in hand with Guest Mode mentioned above. Android Authority noted that it?s really useful in situations where you need to hand your tablet to someone who only want to view one particular app or content. For instance, you can use this to set the Nexus 9 to display a single app or game with the tablet requiring the person to key in you PIN or pattern if they want to access anything else. You can enable it by opening the app you want to be pinned then tap on the Overview option, scroll down and choose Screen Pinning.


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