Nexus 9 Tip: How To Fix Hard-To-Press Volume & Power Buttons

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If you?re one of the many Nexus 9 owners having problems with its hardware buttons, check out this workaround. (Image courtesy of Google)

When the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet was released last November 2014, one of the first issues that users encounter involves not its software or internal specs but its hardware buttons. The new Google-branded tablet?s power button and volume rockers are reportedly less than stellar. Find out more about the problem and a possible fix it below.

The problem

Some Nexus 9 owners claim that the device?s physical buttons are difficult to control. Android Police?s David Ruddock reviewed the new model shortly after its release and gave this conclusion:

?The volume rocker and power buttons on the Nexus 9 are simply bad. They’re squishy, have almost no travel, and provide very little feedback unless you know the exact angle to hit them at.?

An XDA member named lfrst05, who is also the one responsible in giving us the workaround provided below, explained that the power button and and volume up button in his Nexus 9 are hard to press because they are not raised high enough above the surface of the body.

How to fix squishy, hard-to-press Nexus 9 power buttons and volume rockers

HTC was aware of the problem and tried to compensate by releasing a new batch of Nexus 9 tablets with noticeably improved buttons. But if you?re not willing to spend money on buying another one then you can try to flex your DIY muscles and follow the tutorial given by the industrious XDA member mentioned above.

The method involves carefully opening the device and tweaking some of its hardware components. Aside from technical skills and dexterity, doing this fix requires tools such as a small Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, and a piece of paper. Head over to this XDA forum thread for the full instructions.


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