Nexus 6P Battery Problems: How To Solve It

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Nexus 6P Android Nougat update
Google Nexus 6P Battery Issue

The Google?s Nexus 6P has been experiencing a battery issue following a major Android 7.0 Nougat update. Many Nexus 6P owners on Reddit and Google?s own product forums have reported of the device shutting down without warning with as much of 60% battery remaining.?The handset powers off all by itself well before the battery is depleted which is a serious concern for number of users.

Nexus 6P Battery Bug

A few users are also reporting their Nexus 6P entering into a bootloop state, according to XDA developers. The handset boots to the Google logo but never enters the boot animation stage. The issue reportedly continues until the battery is finally depleted.

The owners who experience the boot loop bug have found no solution so far. The data wiping or re-flashing of factory software doesn?t seem to help solve the problem. However, Google has tagged it as a hardware issue, meaning there is a problem with the?device itself. The company asked the users to contact their local shops for warranty repairs.

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Some users say the issue only surfaced after running the Android 7.1 update. Other have said the battery bug is somehow related to extreme cold temperatures. The Nexus 6P?s battery goes down reportedly due to the extreme weather in some places. There is no solution in sight but we recommended some of the steps taken by Nexus 6P users who faced similar problems.

How to fix the Nexus 6P Battery problem?

Google has so far remained mum on resolving the issue of the Nexus 6P battery problems.?It has been labeled as a low priority at the company?s support page. Several reports have hinted that the company is purposely degrading the Nexus 6P to bolster its latest Pixel handsets.

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Android 7.1.1 update

A few people have reported that the Android 7.1.1 update fixes the battery issue. There is little evidence to back up this claim as several others continue reporting the problem despite the update. Google too said the issue was related to hardware than software.

Another way to resolve the battery bug is to downgrade to the Android Marshmallow. However, the problem doesn?t disappear after flashing the device back to Marshmallow, according to This has led many to conclude that the issue plaguing the battery is hardware related.

Battery Replacement

Google recommended Nexus 6P users to get a battery replacement from smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Several owners have reported that getting a new battery for the device entirely resolves the issue. On other hand, Huawei maintains that despite the replacement battery, issues remain. The Chinese smartphone maker feels the problem lies with the Android Nougat update.

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Despite several of solutions, nothing seems to be working for now for most of the users. Google and Huawei confirmed to VentureBeat that they are currently working on a solution. Till then users can hopefully try whichever remedy makes their Nexus 6P last longer.

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