Nexus 6 Trick: Boost Speed & Performance By Disabling Forced Encryption

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Give your Nexus 6 a speed boost with this guide from a third party developer (Image courtesy of Google)

Wondering why your new Nexus 6 phone runs sluggishly even though its specs list boast of the latest and greatest features? It turns out the culprit is Google itself. The big G?s decision to encrypt the handset?s data out the of the box has a significant effect on its performance.

How data encryption works

With all the ruckus surrounding Snowden?s NSA revelations and recent cyber attacks, the tech giant apparently wants to step up security by encrypting devices running Android Lollipop. This encryption is enabled by default and the first Google-branded Nexus device to offer it is the Nexus 6.

According to XDA Recognized Developer ?bbedward,? who is also responsible for giving us this Nexus 6 trick, the data encryption enforced in the handset is actually a software layer. Je noticed that the encryption is activated with just one flag available in the handset?s ?fstab.? He mentioned that if you flash a boot image with an altered fstab, it will switch off the encryption and the device will run quicker and more smoothly like it should have from the start.

Encryption makes the Nexus 6 run slower

At first, folks from AnandTech were not sure how exactly the Nexus 6?s forced encryption affects its performance. So they reached out to Motorola, the model?s manufacturer, and requested to test a Nexus 6 that doesn?t have its encryption feature enabled.

They found out that the automatic encryption indeed cause the handset to run slow. Compared to the unencrypted models, those with their encryption enabled suffers up to 63% ?and 50% decrease in read and write disk speeds, respectively.

How to disable Nexus 6 data encryption

Thankfully, the XDA developer has devised a method on how you can disable the forced encryption, which is impossible to do within the device?s stock Android OS. The process involves having your Nexus 6 rooted, rebooting it to bootloader mode and flashing the boot.img files he provided. Check out the full guide in this XDA forum thread.


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