Nexus 6 Camera Tips & Tricks: 4 Ways To Capture Great Photos & Videos

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Know more about what the camera of your new Nexus 6 can do with these easy tips. (Image courtesy of Google)

Google?s current flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6, has a specs sheet that would make any Android fan drool. But today, we?ll focus the spotlight on a feature that some may think isn?t one of Nexus devices? stronger suits?its camera.

On paper, the handset?s 13-megapixel main camera seem impressive. It?s blessed with optical image stabilization (OIS), HDR, and dual LED ?ring? flash to keep photos looking great even in challenging conditions. If you want to snap sharper photos and capture more vivid videos, you may follow some simple Nexus 6 camera tips we?ve put together below.


The main camera found on the the Nexus 6 has its own unique HDR (high dynamic range) mode called HDR+. This allows for more sharpened and evenly-exposed images thanks to the utilization of data from multiple exposures. In other words, you are actually taking multiple photos even if you?re taking just one. That leads to us to its major drawback–speed. According to Android Central, HDR+ is not the best mode to use if you?re trying to capture photos of your pet or any fast-moving subject. For those instances, Auto Mode is still your best choice.

4K Video

We?re not sure why Google didn?t advertise it more but your Nexus 6 phone is actually capable of recording high definition videos in 4K resolution. To activate 4K video, Phandroid advises that you ?open the stock Google Camera app and swipe from the left edge of the display to open the menu. Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right of the viewfinder. On the next page, choose ?Resolution & quality.? From there you can adjust the ?Back camera video? and switch it to ?UHD 4K.?

?Hidden? manual exposure mode

Another lesser known feature of the current Nexus handset is the manual exposure mode. This is hidden by default but if you want to come up with better lighted photos you can enable it by launching the camera app and swiping from the left side of the screen. After that, press the menu bar and tap on the cog icon. Find the ?Advanced? option and choose ?Manual exposure.? When you enable it, you?ll get exposure controls (?+/-?) alongside other shooting options if you press the menu button within the camera app.

Third-party camera apps

If you?re not content with the device?s default camera application, it?s possible to use other third-party apps from Google Play. Nexus 6 users in the XDA forums suggest installing an app called Manual Camera. It has a clean and accessible layout with shortcuts for white balance, flash, shutter speed, exposure, and ISO. It also addresses the problem with the camera?s slow autofocus and shutter speed.

Meanwhile, you can make use of the Snapseed app for enhancing photos after you?ve taken them. This applications if developed by Google itself so we?re pretty sure that it works really efficiently with the tech giant?s own flagship device.


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