Nexus 5X Specs & Problems: Faulty Touch Screen And Connection Trouble Make Buyers Double Think About Buying

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Google Nexus 5X users are experiencing problems with the?touch-screen of the device while?charging through the USB Type C cables.

Google Nexus Help Forums and XDA are abuzz with several problems faced by the users of Google Nexus 5X according to TimesofIndia. The most significant of all is the unresponsiveness of the touch screen of Nexus 5X while charging with USB Type C cable that comes bundled with the phone. The users complained about lagging on touch screen when scrolling or swiping the device. The root cause of this seems to be the plastic grounding pin of the charger supplied by LG and using charger with proper metal grounding pin helps to solve the problem.

TechTimes reports that several users have complained about the upside down images taken by the camera while using third-party apps in Google Nexux 5X. This is due to third party app developers using old API of the camera and the problem can only be solved by fixing the app?s code. The other issues with Google Nexus 5X include freezing, frequent crashes and random reboots. Several of these problems are due to the bugs in the new Android M operating system and will be fixed soon by Google.?Google Nexus 5X users also had complained about several handsets with yellow tinted displays earlier in October says GottaBeMobile. Google had however acknowledged the problem and replaced those faulty handsets.

Google?s other handset too seems to be plagued by problems with users of Nexus 6P complaining about its weak and spotty voice quality. Receivers are not able to hear Nexus 6P users clearly which has lead users to question the microphone quality of the phone. Google representatives have however have responded and are working on fixing the problem.

Google had launched its Android 6.0 Marshmallow with release of LG made Nexus 5X and Huawei made Nexus 6P in October. Nexus 5X is powered by 1.8GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor and 2GB RAM and features 5.2 inch Full HD display. It has 12.3 mega pixel rear camera with 4K and slow motion video recording and 5 mega pixel front camera with HDR. Nexus 5X is also equipped with finger-print sensor for security purposes. The phone has pretty decent specs but lacks the premium feel of the metallic body that other handsets are offering. The minor problems will be solved pretty soon with Google updating its operating system and fixing the several bugs so Nexus fans?shouldn’t worry much.

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