Nexus 2016 release date: New Nexus is coming as Nexus 5X price drops

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Google’s upcoming Nexus 2016 have been in the news for such a long time. There are speculations that the company could launch the device in August. The drop in the price of Nexus 5X is an indication of the arrival of the new Nexus 2016 smartphone. Online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Daily Steals are offering a notable discount on the current Nexus phablet.

Ecumenical News has reported that the device will be available in two variant with 5-inch and 5.5 inch display. The standard will feature 5 inch display while the 5.5-inch model is supposed to be high-end device. Both devices will differ in terms of hardware as well.

Nexus 6P features a 5.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a 1440 x 2560 resolution. It is likely that the display will remain the same whereas the 4K display would be more expensive. It will hike the price of the device, and that’s something the company can’t afford.

Both the devices are supposed to have 4GB of RAM. However, the variants of the device will have different processors. The standard version is expected to feature the Snapdragon 820 SoC while the high-end model would be powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. It is also rumored that the device will be the first Nexus to support a microSD card. It is expected to support a whopping 2TB of external storage.

The smartphone may also pack a 12MP back camera and 5MP front-facing camera. The current Nexus 6P is powered by 3450 mAh battery. The upcoming device might get an upgraded battery as well as other specs have been changed from its predecessors, thus a much bigger battery is obvious.

Google has not released any statement regarding the release date and specs of upcoming device. The device may differ in terms of hardware configurations, but it is highly likely that the company could release the device along with its new OS, Android N. Android N is currently in beta version and is expected to be released in August.

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