Next Titanfall Update Reveals New Game Modes and Burn Cards

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According to the official website, new features are coming with the next Titanfall update. Some of the standouts are below.

Featured Game Mode

Featured Game Modes are going to be introduced into the playlist rotation. These game modes are available for a limited time only and new featured game modes will be added every now and then to replace any of the current featured game modes. The first Featured Game Mode is ?Marked For Death? which we first discussed here and will be followed by Wingman Last Titan Standing shortly after.

Titan Burn Cards

There will be 14 new burn cards to go through that add amped Titan weapons as well as enhanced Titan abilities. The Titan Burn Card won?t be lost if the player dies as a Pilot but it will be lost if the player dies as a Titan. There should be an orange highlight around Titans that have equipped Burn Cards on the Titan Counter HUD and Titans will see an indicator near their health bards if a Burn Card is active.

Titan Insignias

Accomplishments are always nice and if players want to show off their stuff, they will be able to select from a variety of emblems to customize their Titans. Insignias can be unlocked by completing different challenges and if players already have the requirements done, the emblem should already be available for use when the update installs.


Improvements in matchmaking and team balancing

There are improvements in matchmaking and team balancing which has teams rearranged just before the level loads so that there is further balance to the team?s overall skill and player counts. Players will notice that they are greyed out in the lobby until the teams are all set and they?ll also see the display ?Connecting?? as players join a match.

New Titan OS Voices

Players will now get to choose from 3 different Titan V.O. options that include the classic ?Betty? as well as Lisa and Jeeves.

Challenge Tracker

Players will now get to easily track and find which challenges they want to complete first. It will be showing up via an in game menu.

The update will be applied to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Windows PC versions of the game.

Photo Source: Titanfall website

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