Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

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Next Gen San Andreas
Next Gen San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto Sand Andreas may not be the best Grand Theft Auto game around, especially with the introduction of Grand Theft Auto 5, which includes mostly, the entire Los Santos in the game. There?s even a debate about which game, among Grand Theft Auto 4 and San Andreas is better. However, there are times where nostalgia strikes, and you try to play your old PS2/PC/Xbox copy of San Andreas, just to feel that the graphics are extremely dated. If you are playing it on the PC, you?re in luck, because there are things that you can do to make the game more ?modern? looking, so you?ll be more interested in exploring the old Los Santos, along with CJ and his crew.

Disclaimer: This is, by no way, going to make your Grand Theft Auto San Andreas look better than Grand Theft Auto 5 or even Grand Theft Auto 4. This would only add a number of graphical enhancements to the game, but the overall mechanics wouldn?t be totally changed to a point where it will look like an entirely different game. You will also need a faster computer for these to work properly. If your aim is to at least play a decent looking Grand Theft Auto game on an old machine, unfortunately, not every mod included here will work.

If that doesn?t look next-gen to you. We have no idea what would.

The good thing is, there are literally, hundreds of mods that enhances the overall look of San Andreas. For example, the video below shows a mod that specifically enhances most graphical details in the game, especially the cars.

It also enhances the lighting in the game and even adds the ?blurry background? feature (or shallow depth of field in layman?s term).

To get the mod, go here and just check for any necessary instructions that you need to follow, or software to install to get it to work. These may change depending on the revision of the mod.

Image Source: YouTube(StunterDan)

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