Next Disney Princess Could Be From LGBTQ Community?

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Next Disney Princess

According to rumors, the next Disney Princess could be from the LGBTQ Community. In the previous years, the gaming industry has dealt with an issue where numerous people force the developers to make female protagonists.

That being said, it is safe to say that Disney is also dealing with a fairly similar matter. At the present time, we?ve been seeing diversity within Disney lately. In that case, there?s only one thing that is missing, an LGBTQ princess.

According to director Ron Clements and John Musker, the culture behind the creation of Disney princesses has immensely changed compared to where it began. Hence, the new Disney movie called ?Moana? might be up for a change.

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The Next Disney Princess: What?s Different In Moana

Next Disney Princess

According to Clements, there was never a romance in Moana?s story. Clement also stated that it was just a true grit thing of the young girl on a quest. The balance of nature, as well as the fate of Moana?s world, is at stake.

According to both directors, they are definitely open to the concept of the first LGBTQ princess. However, Clements did not have control over Disney?s decisions. On the other hand, he explained how an LGBTQ princess could appear on the big screen.

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According to Musker, the possibility of the next Disney princess from an LGBTQ community would need to be driven by a directorial team or a director that is really eager to push that. While the Disney Animation Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter liked the idea, there?s still no assurance.

Next Disney Princess From LGBTQ Possibilities

People behind Disney movies really have restrictions placed upon them. But, Clements stated that the possibilities are kind of open at the present time. Under those circumstances, it is safe to say that the possibilities of having the next Disney princess from the LGBTQ community are close, but not close enough to be a real thing.

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