Next Caller Gives Better Caller ID for Businesses, Hints Phone – Based Shopping on the Works

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Next Caller is a Y Combinator ? backed maker of caller ID systems for businesses that offers access to a secondary database with the personal information of callers. This includes the caller?s name, phone number, and e-mail (if available). The company has gone a long way since it was launched last fall. It is now serving up to 240 paying customers and has signed distribution deals with Nextiva and ZenDesk.

An Idea Out of Frustration from Mangled Name

Gianni Martire and Ian Roncoroni co ? founded the company over a year ago. Both of them have finance backgrounds, but Martire has a computer science degree and already has several startups under his belt. The concept of Next Caller, however, came from Roncoroni, who was always frustrated with making phone calls to customer service agents who ruin his name.

He explained that he has a really confusing last name. Roncoroni would always find himself spending so much time convincing people that his last name is read as one and not Ron Coroni. He thought that it would be better if the agent had his information in front of them as they speak. This idea was the main reason behind Next Caller?s existence. It turned out that this was a serious problem that needs to be solved. Roncoroni and Martire said that over 61 percent of inbound calls are considered unknown.

Faster Transactions with Improved Database System


The Next Caller API is integrated with various existing systems, namely Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, Five9, Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP and more. The Nextiva deal will involve more than 80, 000 business users in the United States who can turn on the functionality using a check box. Upon installation, customer service agents can now save personal information provided by Next Caller with a click. The data will be copied to their own local database for future reference.

From Online to Phone ? Based Shopping

Next Caller is also working on creating a business solution that lets consumers transact by phone. The team is looking for a way to make phone ? based shopping as easy and simple as online shopping. Existing Next Caller business clients may use the same data when doing sales transactions over the phone.

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