Next Call Of Duty Game ?Bloodlines’ Releasing For Nintendo NX This Fall?

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Next Call of Duty 2016

Activision is hard at work to release the next Call of Duty game this year. There are chances that these rumors will turn out to be true because the source has proved to be trustworthy. The biggest news is that the next Call of Duty game is going to be named Bloodlines. The game is expected to be released sometime this year. But this is not the end of the rumors. Rumors also has it that Call of Duty: Bloodlines will be available on Nintendo?s upcoming console, the Nintendo NX.

The new title from Infinity Ward is expected to eliminate the elements from Infinity Ward?s badly received game, Call of Duty: Ghosts. The new subtitle, Bloodlines, indicates a touch of past in the next Call of Duty game. According to Dual Pixels, Activision and Nintendo has reportedly partnered to bring the next Call of Duty game to the Nintendo NX. It is also possible that Call of Duty: Bloodlines will be released on Nintendo NX with Skylanders.

It is expected that Nintendo is going to release for the Nintendo NX in 2016 fall and the company will definitely need a big title to serve in time for the new console?s launch. The information taken from the source also suggests that Platinum Games and Nintendo are in talks for the launch of Spider Man: The First Avenger. The rumored title from Platinum Games is expected to come out sometime in 2017.

The best thing about the leak is that Nintendo is making sure that its next console arrives with some of the biggest titles in gaming history. It is expected that fans will surely find some brilliant titles this year and beyond. What other Nintendo NX Games do you think will be available? Do you think Infinity Ward should develop Ghosts 2 or Modern Warfare 4 instead of a new title?

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