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Just a quick update from Nexon. For those of you that never heard of Nexon, they’re a computer games producing company. One of the flagship titles that come to mind is Maple Story a great free to play and download 2D MMORPG. Even though Maple Story can be considered a main stream MMORPG to many casual pc gamers Nexon actually have a slew of great quality Online games under it’s umbrella. Hit the break….

I love the fact that Nexon keeps coming up with new free online games with the option to buy add-on DLC for all of their titles. So in essence you get the fun, free and easy to get into your game(s) with the options to extend your game(s) features, gear or weapons depending on your gaming habits. One other point I would like to add is that from my experience with Combat Arms and Maple Story you don’t need to buy anything to fully enjoy these games.

It’s not anything like for example: I get to level 10 and then to get the power sword for that level I will need to buy the sword to progress further in the game. NOPE! You can get your weapons with in the standard in game method but are offered special or just a cosmetic upgrade for a cost in real money. So if you do buy the weapon/gear/items, it will just be for your own personal gain not the actual game. Have a great one BitBaggers, Peace!

Such titles include:

blockhead_knight Mabinogi: Fantasy Life



blockhead_army One of my favorites and must play for any FPS fan Combat Arms 

non-descript cool lighting effect


blockhead_hammer Dungeon Fighter Online


Just to name a few. What we can expect from the name change is a lot more emphasis on community.


You’ll be able to write posts up onto your profile (like Twitter or Facebook) for others to see what your up to, add a picture to your profile and many other community based changes to help you meet other fans who play Nexon  games. The video below will give you a glimpse of what to your get. Enjoy..!


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