Nexon reveals new Screens for Combat Arms “Update”

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I’ve been playing Combat Arms for some time now, and it’s is really a highly supported game by it’s fans and Nexon. You can always tell when a game is doing well, when the game(s) continue to receive updates for stability and upgrades that enhance gameplay and modes. Combat Arms is one of those games, were the game is a whole lot better from it’s original launch window.

Some might think CA to be a cookie cutter military FPS, and to a certain extent it is. The real reason that most PC gamers would even consider CA is it’s cost….”FREE”. Now free doesn’t mean cheep by any means when it comes to CA. Combat Arms has a kind of polish that could be put up against some of the best (but not the best) games on the market that you pay for.  These are screens from it’s latest update which include many new weapons for your fragging pleasure.

The information:

Attention Soldiers!
CentComm is making a supply drop to help you continue to battle! Bringing you the powerful RPG-7, the M24A3 sniper rifle, and two new supply cases!

New NX Items:

–M24A3:  A redesigned variant of the M24, created to provide soldiers a boost of stopping power with its unrivaled accuracy.

–Supply Case AK74-N:  Supply Cases labeled AK74-N were designated to hold various models of AK74s, including the AK-74M Gold-Plated and AK-74U Gold-Plated.
• AK-74M Gold-Plated – An elite version of the AK-74M normally reserved for only deserving mercenaries, retooled to use an improved barrel and reduce kickback.
• AK-74U Gold-Plated – An illustrious, golden version of the AK-74U boasting a solid level of precision.

–Supply Case MP7-N:  Supply Cases labeled MP7-N were designated to hold various models of MP7s, including the MP7 MOD Steel and MP7 Steel.
• MP7 MOD Steel – An upgraded version of the MP7 MOD, the MP7 MOD Steel has been enhanced with overall improvements to its range and stopping power, on top of an outfitted custom modification kit. The durable steel construction tops off the abilities of this weapon.
• MP7 Steel – An upgraded MP7, the MP7 Steel has been given a solid steel construction for greater reliability in combat. The MP7 Steel also offers slightly improved performance over the standard MP7.
New GP Weapons & Gear

— RPG-7,  available at  Sergeant First Class 2

Content Update Schedule

This is a Combat Arms’ time release update.  Our regular monthly content update (which will require server downtime) takes place the last Tuesday of every month. This update will be followed approximately two weeks later by a time-released new content update that won’t require a server shutdown. This is our way of ensuring that all of you warriors out there have a steady supply of weapons and gear to keep you going on the battlefield!

–Combat Arms Command–


The Screens:

AK74M Gold Kamara near miss AK74U Gold Warhead Quar 1 M24A3 - Kill - 1 M24A3 modded on killcam M24A3 Near miss on infection M24A3 scoping an infection 1 RPG equipping for infections RPG Warhead Quar reloading 1 RPG-7 - Splosion 2  RPGs work together 2 RPGs work together

Just as a side note, earlier this month Combat Arms received an entirely new Zombie Mode, it gives a new meaning to being infected.

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