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Nexon and NCSoft Partnership Has Ended, What Could This Mean To The MMO Scene

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Two of the biggest MMO brands have split over a failed working relationship. Nexon, one of the biggest MMO publishers in South Korea has ended their relationship with NCSoft as Nexon has sold all of their shares in NCSoft. The reason for the break up is that ?no significant synergies have been realized between the two parties?.

Nexon is known for its published games such as MapleStory and Dragon Nest and NCSoft was one of the teams behind the creation of Guild Wars, Blade & Soul and WildStar. Nexon bought NCSoft?s shares in 2012 and became the biggest shareholder. Nexon then biught more shares in 2013 in an attempt to become part of NCSoft?s management, NCSoft protested over Nexon?s purchase. And in January 2015, Nexon went further by placing harsher demands to NCSoft which would make them in control.

However NCSoft made a big turn by buying its large portion of shares to Netmarble at around $345 million and a stock swap worth $635 million, which will force Nexon to spend more if they decided to purchase majority of NCSoft?s stocks. And as a result, Nexon decided to sell all of NCSoft?s shares and move on.

The two company founders were studying at the same school years ago, in which both maintained their friendship during those years. They formed the partnership when Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games set up shops in South Korea and became dominant in the country in the late 2000?s. A screenshot of the document showing the disposing of shares by Nexon has been leaked, proving that the partnership between the two companies has finally ended.

The MMO scene in South Korea is still strong despite the dominating trend of mobile games. With games such as MapleStory, Blade & Soul and League of Legends are still popular in computer shops and also in parts of the world.

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