NEX Band : Wearable Modular Device That Lets Users Add “Mods” To Customize Apps

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NEX Band : Wearable Modular Device That Lets Users Add “Mods” To Customize Apps

A wearable tech device that looks like the ?charm bracelets? that young ladies like to wear, does not seem to be such a good idea. Unless, it is something like the NEX Band. The NEX Band is a wearable band that is not intended for kids (only). It is a smart ?adult? device that lets the wearer add ?charms? or what NEX would prefer to call ?Mods?, in order to customize the features of the device.

Adam Adelman, the Chief Executive Officer of NEX maker, Mighty Cast, told Mashable recently that ? It’s a disruptive concept because it gives power to the consumer to customize their bands on the inside and out, at a fraction of the cost?. Adelman says that the NEX Band is not simply a fashionable gadget, but is designed to improve the lives of the wearer.

Most devices, wearable or not, are designed for a specific purpose or a set of uses. The NEX Band, on the other hand (pardon the pun), contains 5 different ‘Mods? (short for modification), that enable the wearer to choose among different functions. The Mods a wearer can choose from can range from fitness mods, to mods that can send coded messages to other NEX Band users. Other mods can be included to simply function as a fashion accessory to tell the world who you are.

Each of the NEX Mods is a ?multi-colored LED ?charm? that is enabled to send notifications, be swapped with other NEX users, and controlled via a NEX mobile app. Using a patented ?Base & Token? tech system, NEX connects each Mod to a cloud hub that updates info in real time. Adelman says that the NEX band is ? In essence, we’re a Pandora charm bracelet 2.0?, cheekily referring to the famous European brand of charm bracelets.

Since last month, Mighty Cast has provided developers with SDKs, APIs and emulators, to enable them to ? create Mods for The NEX band and/or use the technology to adapt the base and token concept to other form factors outside of wearables and into the Internet of Things?.

The NEX wearabale is compatible for both Android and iOS, and is also Bluetooth compatible. The concept of modular tech is not an original idea of Mighty Cast, but they are firm believers, that just like the Project Ara smartphone of Google, that this technology is the next level in smart devices. This is why, the company asserts, that any developer who wants to create a Mod that needs additional hardware inside the Mod is very much possible.

Adelman adds that ?The NEX Band is set to disrupt the wearable space, giving power to the consumer to customize their user experience, not lock themselves into one application.?

The NEX Band was available for pre-ordering at a half-price promotional discount of US$ 49.99 (expected retail price would be US$ 99.99). The ordering system is, however, closed as of this writing, but you can still sign up with their mailing list to know more about future availability and developments at : Mighty Cast / NEX?

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