Newsbits: WSJ on PS3, Sony States No Price Drops in 2008

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It still sometimes amazes me that our little hobby has grown big enough to get page space in the Wall Street Journal, but it happens all the time. Here’s yesterday’s WSJ writeup on Sony’s current progress with the PS3; a promising outlook overall. The point is made that PS3 outsold 360 by a 50,000+ unit margin last quarter overall, with the biggest win in January (269k PS3s sold compared to 230k 360s and 274k Wiis). Sony’s success in the Japanese and European markets, while not new news, is also mentioned.

It does surprise me a little to hear that Sony currently has the same problem as Microsoft, in terms of a non-profitable video games division. Obviously it isn’t a concern Sony has had for nearly as long, and as the paragraph immediately prior makes clear, the company as a whole is, unsurprisingly, doing very well. Perhaps somewhat surprising is the clear statement that Sony currently has no plans to drop PS3 prices in 2008. This leaves the door open for Microsoft to try undercutting the PS3 price-point even more aggressively – if they can (or choose to) support such a loss-leader investment.

Kaz Hirai is on record as saying – perhaps “finally admitting” would be more appropriate language – the PS3 had a bumpy start. In the same article, he also makes some great points about how things really are looking up for the big black space heater, and I think he’s right. Of course, some other people might have a word or two to say.

Things are getting interesting.

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