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Newbee Wins The International; Takes Home $5 Million

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They have done it! Team Newbee from China wins TI4 and takes home $5 million?the largest prize in eSports history. They managed to beat their compatriots Vici Gaming 3-1 in?what many would say?an anticlimactic final.

After losing the first game of the series, team Newbee slowly regained their composure to win three games in a row and win The International. They played with surgical precision?their teamwork and decision making was on point every single time. They stomped their opponent in all three games with a total combined game time of less than an hour?the least among the past Internationals by a big margin.

Many would say this is the least entertaining final of any International, but all that doesn?t matter when you win the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament in the world along with $5 million.

Perhaps the biggest story of team Newbee wasn?t the grand final, but their rise to the throne and glory. After a mediocre group stage performance, the team barely made it to the playoffs with a 7-8 record. The team even had to win a tie-breaker match just to survive in the tournament.


Team Newbee raises the Aegis of the Immortal after winning TI4

Their most impressive performance was definitely in the playoffs phase?not losing a single series. Coming from the very bottom, they clawed their way up to win a slot in the upper bracket. It was no easy feat as they managed to win against a stacked Malaysian team and the two past TI champions IG and Na`Vi. In the upper bracket, they beat a hot Vici Gaming team and American team EG?the top 1 and 2 teams of the group stage.

Nonetheless, it was a well-deserved victory for the Chinese. Runner-up Vici Gaming won?t be too sad after the loss as they got nearly $1.5 million. Five teams from China finished in the top 8, bagging around $8.5 million in total.

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