New York Comic Con 2015 Exclusives: All New Marvel Comics Announced At Iron Man And The Avengers Panel, Sam Wilson Captain America, Astonishing Ant-Man, And More

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Marvel has announced several new Marvel comics at the Iron Man And The Avengers Panel at New York Comic Con 2015. They also gave new details on what you can expect. Here are all the new comics that await you in the future.

Sam Wilson: Captain America

Sam Wilson: Captain America will see the titular hero taking over Steve Roger?s role. The story will follow the events of Rick Remender?s Captain America, Newsrama reported. ?It?s a chance to see Captain America as kind of an outsider,? scribe Nick Spencer said.

?Sam has taken over for Steve Rogers, and he is struggling a bit with the job. Public opinion is not going his way, so it?s fun to see Captain America as an outside, Spencer said per CBR. ?It?s sort of a fun, lighter touch which we?re enjoying. Misty Knight is in it a lot, and we?ve got a new sidekick for Cap as well.?

Astonishing Ant-Man

Fans of the Ant-Man comics and the movie starring Paul Rudd should check out the upcoming Astonishing Ant-Man. After eight months since the last volume ended, fans will see Ant-Man fight against a new version of Power Broker, Newsrama reported.

?Scott is in Miami trying to make his security company work and trying to repair his relationship with his daughter,? the writer said per CBR at the New York Comic Con 2015. ?If you dug the movie or dug the first volume, definitely pick it up.?

Invincible Iron Man

Invincible Iron Man #1 has already released recently and Marvel is teasing fans on what they can expect in the following issues. Mary Jane Watson has long been teased to join Invincible Iron Man as a supporting character. The New York Comic Con?2015 Panel talked about how Mary Jane will appear in issue 4, Newsrama reported.

Totally Awesome Hulk

A new character, Amadeus Cho, will take over Bruce Banner?s role in The Totally Awesome Hulk, CBR reported. ?He has zero impulse control, like his hero the Hulk,? writer Greg Pak said at the NYCC 2015. ?He loves being the Hulk. That?s the hook? He?s gonna be punching two-headed, firebreathing turtles, cause that?s what you do when you?re the Totally Awesome Hulk!?

Angela: Queen of Hel

The writers has now divulged more details about Angela: Queen of Hel. This is how the writer said the comics feels like: ?Orpheus and Eurydice with a Norse Viking metal soundtrack.? Angela: Queen of Hel volume 1 will be released later this October.

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