New Year’s Eve 2017 Celebration: Leaving 2016 behind with This Lupin The Third Revenge Cocktail Recipe

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New Year's Eve 2017
New Year’s Eve 2017

Say goodbye to 2016 and celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 with a bang with this cocktail from Lupin the Third Part 3. For those who are not familiar with the show, it’s about an international thief who’s on a mission to conduct big heists on worldwide prized possessions. In one particular episode from Part 3, Lupin meets a beautiful American girl who’s out for revenge. He concocts this mystery drink for her. He guises up as a bartender for the evening.

There’s no real recipe to go from, so decided to take what it saw and go with it. The liquid appears to be pink colored with orange and cherry. Looks like good old fashioned cocktail, after all. Here’s the video if you want to try it out.

For those looking for revenge, for whatever reason, let this drink help you accomplish just that. Who knows, it might even make you forget why you wanted revenge to start with. Just make sure you’re of legal age before you start making and devouring this drink!

Lupin the Third Manga

Lupin The Third manga first appeared on the Weekly Manga Action back in August 10, 1967. This spawned a media franchise which included numerous manga, two versions of an animated pilot movie, five anime TV series, six theatrically-released animated feature films, two live-action movies, a two-part animated theatrical short film, five OVA works, 26 animated TV specials, two musicals and music CDs, plus video games. Phew!

Almost five decades after it was created, Lupin The Third remains popular, with the fifth anime series airing in Japan and Italy back in 2015. It also enjoyed critical acclaim with the praise being aimed at the characterization of its lead characters and their amazing chemistry. The voice acting in Japanese and English versions plus soundtracks of the anime adaptations also got similar compliments.

However, some of the franchise’s installments, like those of the TV specials have received criticism for being ?formulaic?. Their manga has also been noted by critics and fans alike for its darker tone compared to the anime. It had explicit depictions of sex and violence. This was a dark contrast with the mostly family-friendly animated versions. Then again, this didn?t stop its popularity from being part even of New Year?s Eve 2017 celebrations.

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