New Wearable Uses Body Temperature to Monitor Fertility

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Your body temperature does not only tell you that you have a fever. It can also track your menstrual cycle and fertility levels. The Basal Body Temperature, or BBT, is your body?s lowest temperature as you sleep. This is vital in determining the days when a woman will likely conceive.

Monitoring Basal Body Temperatures

To get a more accurate result, a woman?s basal body temperature must be recorded at the same time every morning. This is a pretty hard task to do for most due to irregular sleeping patterns or schedules. Of course, Tempdrop is here to save your day.

It is a wearable technology that comes with a sensor to help people easily monitor and record their basal body temperature. The data can be integrated into any fertility app. The startup is currently raising funds on Indiegogo for Tempdrop. It has already collaborated with OvuView, Menstrual Calendar, Kindara, My Days and other apps.

Basically, your basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature during the day. Many people hit this point about two hours before waking up, says founder Michael Vardi. This is given that a person will have three hours of uninterrupted sleep. The Tempdrop can be worn with a stuck or armband directly to the skin. It records the fluctuating temperatures while the user sleeps.

The BBT is not only vital for women desiring to conceive or avoid pregnancy, but also for those people with thyroid problems.

It Tracks Your Sleep Quality


Apart from its temperature sensor, this wearable technology also tracks your sleep quality. It can measure your skin temperature as well as the ambient temperature.

Vardi said that there are two devices that directly compete with Tempdrop at the moment. The Duofertility works as a professional fertility monitor that is paired with an online service. Raiing, on the other hand, is a wireless thermometer. Both products cost more than Tempdrop, which does not have its own app because it is meant to be linked into existing apps.

Fertility apps become more accurate with the help of Tempdrop. It also gives women more control over their data, according to Vardi. He added that the product is currently available for pre ? orders, starting at $50. The device will ship in October, if successfully funded.

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