New video by Sony details what we need to know about DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition

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Sony has released a new video (the first of the three to be released) today, that answers most of the things you need to know about DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition. ?Welcome to the first of three DRIVECLUB updates this week. DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition has been a hot topic since its announce, so today?s video (one of the three installments,) should answer most of your questions about the actual content included in this edition, compared to the Blu-ray version.? PlayStation recounted that the frequent questions they?ve been receiving lately is all about the scale of the PlayStation Plus Edition. PlayStation answered ?that with an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can download DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, which comes with one location (India), 11 tracks, 10 cars and access to all game modes.? This will be launched on October 7, digitally via the PlayStation store and on Blu-ray at your local retailer. PlayStation said that if you?re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber, and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, and you have decided to have the full DRIVECLUB experience, you only need $49.99 for a one-time upgrade. If you do purchase, you will be given access to all five (5) locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active. However, if you?re not an active PlayStation Plus member, it does not mean that you cannot have it. You can still get DRIVECLUB via the PlayStation Store or your local retailer on Blu-ray. DRIVECLUB is racing video game that brings to life the heart and soul of car culture. This game will let players feel ?exhilaration of racing the most powerful and beautifully designed cars in the world, all rendered in staggering detail, inside and out.? In this game, you can either be in solo racing, or join a Racing Club ?to find out what DRIVECLUB can give you. Since it is created specifically with the next-generation gamer in mind, this game will allow you to connect with your friends, so that you can share your experiences, send and receive challenges, and keep up to speed with your team?s performance. “DriveClub aims to let players drive cool cars in awesome locations, but DriveClub?s centerpiece feature is the option to play with other teams. Players will join clubs and compete to complete challenges to rise to the top,” Game Informer, Matt Miller said. So if you haven?t seen the new video yet, watch this!

So for the remaining two (2) installments, the company said, ?Stay tuned because there?s more content coming tomorrow with the ?Clubs? video, explaining why they?re crucial to making DRIVECLUB distinctly different.? (Photo courtesy of

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