New Version of Google Maps Help Outsmart Traffic

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Your iPhone and iPad will experience a new version of the Google Maps on Tuesday. Drivers will now be notified on alternative routes to avoid traffic jams using the said app. It can monitor real time traffic conditions when the navigation of Google Maps is running. This way, the drive can determine which way to take in order to reach the destination faster. The new version of the Google Maps for Apple will also display how much time you can save, as well as an option to change route.

Finding the Right Waze

The new version of the Google maps will have a faster ? route feature where it will suggest an alternative route to cut travel time. It will soon be available for Android users. Google purchased Waze, a crowd ? sourcing traffic app, for over $1.3 billion last year. Waze remains independent, but the deal has given Google the permission to tap into the company?s technology for product development.

This led to Google incorporating the traffic reports of Waze into its map products on both desktop and mobile apps. Waze is known for displaying real time events such as police visibility, road closures, traffic jams, accidents and more. Thanks to Waze technology, users of Google maps can keep changing their minds on chosen routes even while driving.

Apple Retains Own Map on iPhone

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Apple is still retaining its own maps app on iPhone despite the new Google maps update in App stores. The Apple Maps is triggered whenever users turn own the smartphone?s navigation system. This also gives users a hard time getting into Google maps, which is why the new version will give them a reason to use it.

Negative feed backs were gathered from iPhone users when the Apple Maps app was first launched. Founder of Rocky Mountain Mac Repair Josh Carr finds Google Maps app better than Apple?s own map. Josh added that his recent use of the Apple Maps app led him to missed turns due to its poorly written application.

Apple had to improve its reputation in providing better navigation assistance since then. There is a bit of pressure on Apple?s part because they have had to do it within a compressed time frame, when Google did it step ? by ? step.

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