New Valkyria Chronicles DLC Coming Feb. 25th

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Fans of Valkyria Chronicles, for the PS3, will be able to get more juice out of the classic strategic JRPG this Friday with the release of the fourth piece of DLC titled, “The Challenges of the Edy Detachment.” The DLC will include six missions to play, and you don’t have to use people from solely Edy’s detachment. You can use some of your personal favorites from Squad 7. The DLC may disappoint some fans due to the lack of trophy support still not patched in the game.

The game is great for those interested in strategy-action RPG’s. Great art style and music. You can probably get the game for a decent price nowadays. The game was overshadowed by some great titles when it was released in 2008, but it is still worth checking out.

No word on the price yet, but that should be coming soon. Expect something in the range of what the three other DLC’s were priced at.

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