New Trailer of Destiny Video Game Reveals New Armor, Weapons, and Loot

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Destiny unveiled yet another video trailer which reveals new armor, weapons and loot.

In an official statement posted by Sid Shuman, Senior Manager, Social Media (PlayStation Blog) said, ?In today?s new video, weapons, armor, and loot are squarely in the crosshairs as lead designer Lars Bakken and community manager David Dague walk us through Bungie?s plans for galactic domination.?

Describing what the Destiny has to offer soon, the company said that when it comes to weapons, there will be three broad categories to choose from: Primary (autorifles and hand cannons), Special (shotguns and sniper rifles), and Heavy (rockets and belt-fed machineguns).

Moreover, Destiny will also offer variety within each category. For example, on the Primary (autorifle sub-category) includes burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines, and full-auto assault rifles that prove murderously effective at close range.

The statement also said that the Bungie?s designers are doing their very best to hand-tune each weapon?s look, feel, and lore in order to provide an extraordinary gaming experience and not just some sort of rampant computer algorithm.

Shuman also said that ?Helpfully, you can break down unwanted gear into raw components that reinforce your favorite weapon with new effects, including ?elemental? damage in the form of Arc, Thermal, or Void damage that can stack on top of your weapon?s base damage and introduce new strategic wrinkles.?

On the Armor, it will strengthen your defenses and augments class stats. Shuman proudly said that the new armor designs are truly different, ?running the gamut from space marine to neo-Roman, retro ?60s-inspired and beyond.?

Shuman also said that off the battlefield, players will visit the Tower to show off new gear, decode salvaged equipment, or pick through the nearby shops.

So if you haven?t seen the trailer yet, watch this.

The game is will be for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. So PC gamers, you may want to consider buying a console now.

Destiny will be available on September 9, 2014.

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