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New System Allows New Homes to Be Built Like Typical Lego

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New System Allows New Homes to Be Built Like Typical Lego

Vancouver, Canada ? A new technology in Canada allows new homeowners to build their homes like the typical Lego toys.

New homes always require heavy equipment for the job to be easily done. However, the by-product of this is that too much noise is heard in the neighborhood. The most common problem is that these materials are heard even when you are leaving at the next street.

With this newest technology, homebuilders can work even at the middle of the night because they will be producing zero noise.

Building Homes Like Building Airplanes

Have you ever seen an airplane being constructed? It is like building a huge puzzle. The parts are easily locked and intertwined so that there is only minimal hammering and staggering. The company wants to apply the new technology for building new homes.

They have engineers and architects who are trying to draft a solid plan already. They are already moving for a patent that will completely help homeowners get rid of the hassle during home building. This means that there will be no more cuts, wastes, saw dusts and even nails.

They will be highly dependent on drills. Also, the shapes of the materials will allow new homes to be built in less than a week.

Pieces Are Inspired by Legos and Meccano

The company already said that they got the idea from the popular toys named Lego and Meccano. Basically, these are building blocks that will allow you to create a design. The pieces snap together so that the structure can stand on its own.

Using this for new homes is indeed efficient. The time for construction and the durability of the house will always remain above average. However, there are only very few companies that manufacture pieces for such ideas. Unlike Legos, this is not yet an established business.

This only means that the prices could always be higher than the typical price that you have to pay for the traditional home building. Plus, there are less manufacturers to choose from. You can customize the materials, but this will take time; thus, defeating the purpose of installing it like a toy.

The entire idea of building new homes like a toy is brilliant. However, there are still a lot of grey areas to attend to. What do you think? Will this dominate the market for home structures in the near future?

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