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?The world is going to end one way or another?, most people believe that. We have heard and read a lot about judgment days, the apocalypse or anything with that same scenario. Zombies, nuclear disasters and viruses are also on the list of the things that we might worry in the future. Some movies depicts that aliens might take over the earth. People wonder about these things and it is very interesting since it involves dying, humanity, killing, adventure, guns, girls, and free beer.

There are lots of games that feature catastrophic and post-apocalyptic setting these days. And one of these games is the popular first-person shooter survival horror game called the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Stalker game was developed by GSC Game World and was published by THQ.

Most gamers can recall the game ?Stalker?; it was a hit back in 2008. The game is set in an alternative reality, a post-apocalyptic world where everything is messed up with nuclear disasters of some kind.

Story goes that the world was in a catastrophic state due to a nuclear disaster that happened in a nuclear facility in Chernobyl. Things started to change around the facility and then your adventure begins. The game is thrilling and filled with lots of scary scenes that will keep your heart beating. Not suitable for players with heart disease.

According to Eurogamer, ?it is one of the scariest games on PC?. Even though there are lots of known bugs and technical issues that have been spotted, it was one of the most decent games that received a score of 82.70% on GameRankings. And because of its success, developers fight over their rights on the game.

Two game developers, both former staffers of GSC, fought over for the rights of this game back in 2012. It had been a crucial battle, but now, someone is finally “doing it” but in a different name.

Areal is currently on development by the people behind the success of Stalker. It features a massive open world environment and has the same distinct gameplay that Stalker has. Set to a post-apocalyptic scenario, there are lots of things to expect from this game as developers claim that it is a ?spiritual successor of Stalker?.

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