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New Splinter Cell Game Trademarked, Possibly A Reboot

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new splinter cell
Is a new Splinter Cell coming? [Image from Ubisoft]

It looks like a new Splinter Cell game is on the way, and it could be the latest gaming reboot. The most recent game in the series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, came out in 2013 and got some positive reviews. With E3 just around the corner, it seems like an interesting title that fans would get really excited for.

SomosXbox reported about a trademark being filed by Ubisoft for a possible new Splinter Cell game coming to current-gen consoles. Interestingly enough, the trademarked game is simply called Splinter Cell, making fans believe that this could be a reboot of the series. Considering the lack of buzz the series has gotten lately, it would be interesting to see what they do with a reboot.

A Needed Reboot?

Most of the games in the series have gotten solid reviews, so it will be interesting to see what this new Splinter Cell does differently. While not as popular as Metal Gear Solid, it was more realistic and fans dug the stealth gameplay. It’s online functions were also praised back in the day, with everyone loving the multiplayer of the second game in the series.

Despite all this, and the Tom Clancy name, it looks like a reboot will be coming soon. Not all reboots are bad, as games like Doom and DmC have shown, but this one might not be necessary. As long as the game is good, fans should have very little problems with the reboot, and might even prefer it after some time.

E3 Reveal?

E3 is next week, and there’s no better platform to unveil a new Splinter Cell game then there. The company might also reveal a new Assassin’s Creed game, which was discovered through various leaks made. Ubisoft has plenty of IPs to flaunt in the event, and it will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to their new installments.

Splinter Cell was a pretty big property back in the day, with many seeing it as a more realistic counterpart to Metal Gear Solid. Instead of clones, vampires and psychics, the game was more concerned with government conspiracies. It’s under the Tom Clancy umbrella after all, so that was a given, so the reboot could deal with some interesting issues.

E3 2017 takes place on June 13 and will last till June 15, so that’s three days filled with plenty of game news. If this new Splinter Cell game gets revealed soon, we’ll likely see it at Ubisoft’s conference on June 12 at 1PM PT. Tom Clancy fans can pick up Ghost Recon: Wildlands, available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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