New Snapchat Update Unveiled, Hurls A ‘Slingshot’ To Facebook With New Events-Based Social Sharing Feature

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Snapchat update called Our Story lets users share event-based photos and videos

Just as Facebook is exerting a huge effort to conquer the ephemeral messaging world with their new Slingshot app, major industry player Snapchat seems to be unfazed. In fact, the people behind the popular self-destructing messaging app have just unveiled a new ?Our Story? feature that will help the app become more public and social.

In 2013, a feature called My Stories had been launched by Snapchat, allowing users to compile their photos & short videos and share them to their contacts for a 24-hour period. Since then, Snapchat has gone on to improve it by including options to doodle and put text on the photos along with a video chatting option ? all these helped transform the app into a full-pledged social application.

Fundamentally, this Snapchat update will let users in the same location use Our Story by sharing their photos, doodles, and videos to an activity stream that can be viewed by the Snapchat-using public. The company plans to test their latest feature at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a musical festival to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada next weekend. People present in the festival can use Snapchat to share pictures and videos taken at the event. ?All they have to do is tap on the ?Send To?? option within the app and select ?Our EDC Story,? which will appear alongside the user?s Snapchat contacts.

Snapchat update - Our Story to be tested on upcoming EDC event

Snapchat update – Our Story to be tested on upcoming EDC event

This new Our Story feature is Snapchat?s shot at deviating from the usual, contact-to-contact disappearing messages. Although the existing My Story feature is a way to let users open Snapchat even if they haven?t received new messages, Our Story works in a rather similar way but adds in a more public element. The new Snapchat update will function somewhat like a hashtag that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has been utilizing for quite some time.

The content stream can also be viewed by users who are not on the event provided they add the ?EDCLive? on their Snapchat apps. According to the company?s blog post, “Our Story is already part of the application you have on your phone ? there’s no need to update.” It seems that the app?s developers will use the EDC event to gauge how well the new Snapchat update will be adopted. In the same blog, the company explained that they will curate the story in order to prevent too many snaps from being shared as well as to remove inappropriate content.


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