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New Sims 4 Leak: Is Something Spooky Coming Before the Release of ?City Living? Expansion Pack?

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The Sims 4: City Living is due for release in November, but it looks like another pack is in the works. Sims 4 composer, Ilan Eshkeri, posted the following tweet teasing Simmers that The Sims 4?s upcoming pack(s) are ?scary.?

new sims 4 leak

Ilan Eshkeri?s teaser tweet has been deleted from his Twitter account.

What kind of pack remains to be seen. It could be stuff packs, game packs or expansion packs. But definitely, based on the emojis, it would have something to do with something spooky.

A game pack seems unlikely, as The Sims 4 Dine Out has just been released months ago. Then, there?s the expansion pack City Living set to release in November. Therefore, most likely EA has a Halloween-themed stuff pack up their sleeves. Or they could just be merely adding new tunes to the City Living expansion pack. We?ll have to see soon.

Ilan had also posted a small teaser on Instagram, which is currently unavailable due to EA?s copyright claims.

Spooky music

It looks like EA is bent on stopping the leak from spreading as it took down a video re-upload that the Sims Community had re-uploaded on YouTube.

A Brazilian fansite, AlalaSims was able to reupload the video and so far, it?s still up and running.


The music definitely hints at something spooky. The composer?s now-deleted tweet containing quite a few emojis of ghosts and spiders and the word ?Dracula? in the video is enough to lead one to conclude that whatever it is that EA is planning to release, it would involve supernatural entities.

For more information on the leak, visit The Sims Community website. Last week, Sim producers confirmed on Twitter that City Living does not contain any new life states. That means that if Illan?s teaser is accurate, vampires would have to come in a separate pack.

It was only last month when a new expansion pack was leaked to Simmers by a Brazilian website that rates video games in Brazil. While many naysayers were displeased and skeptical about leak releases, a month after, EA released the expansion pack?s trailer, which is now set for release in November.


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