New Sequel To Theatrhythm Final Fantasy For The 3DS

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The new addition to the series (Yes, it has a series of its own) for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is in the works now. It is called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and it will be released for Nintendo 3DS. The game will be released in North America later this year, according to Square-Enix?s announcement.

The game will still carry the existing features of its predecessor. You are still going to rhythmically tap your way out with hundreds of songs and music from the Final Fantasy universe. To be perfectly exact, there is a total of 221 songs in the game which includes music from the traditional Final Fantasy games, new additions to the series like Lightning Returns and A Realm Reborn and other spin-offs like Advent Children.

There are more than 60 playable characters in the game which are from a variety of the Final Fantasy universe itself, past and present. Some newer additions are Zack from Final Fantasy VII, Barret from the same game, Final Fantasy X-2?s Yuna and more.

Aside from the basic gameplay, which was carried over from the first game, Curtain Call will also have some additional game modes like Head to Head mode which will let players play competitively. The Quest Medley mode also returns to the game which lets the player decide how they will push through their quests playing songs in varied durations. Collecting cards is still intact with the game mechanics. These help the players boost their character?s stats to make the game much easier in the long run.

Square-Enix didn?t mention any exact date as to when the game will be released, but they did say that it will be out later this year under a $39.99 price tag in North America.

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