New Sentri Home Hub Wants To Protect Your Home And Connect Your Gadgets In the Smartest Way Possible

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Sentri home hub promises to make your home smarter

A tech startup called Kronosight, made up of former Acer, Asus, and HTC employees, launched a crowd-sourcing campaign for the Sentri home hub, a smart, ?all-in-one home automation system. The campaign was launched on Kickstarter, one of the world?s largest crown-funding platforms, on June 10.

The Sentri home hub, still in its prototype stage, is a smart device that is developed from traditional security systems. Its goal is to give users a 360-degree view of their homes; ranging from maintaining security to monitoring physical conditions. The device is equipped with motion sensors and an HD camera commonly found on full-pledged security systems. To make it even smarter, sensors for tracking humidity, air quality, and temperature are also present.

the new Sentri home hub

the new Sentri home hub

There are many other smart home systems already (or also coming soon) in the market today. Those include the highly rated, multi-purpose home security camera called Piper and Canary, another promising smart home system to come this November. But the Sentri home hub is expected to rise above the rest due to its design execution. While Canary and Piper can only be controlled and display information via their smartphone apps, Sentri has its own screen interface. Aside from having its own dedicated app, the device?s screen interface can be used to display and access information.

Visually speaking, the Sentri home hub looks somewhat like an oversized 6thgen iPod nano, the small, square-shape version. It?s basically a tile-shaped object with curved edges and an LED screen in front. Being a standalone home security system, the device can serve the purpose of a residential CCTV. The Sentri?s HD camera also has night vision and comes with its own mic. All feeds are encrypted by a 2048-bit RSA protocol.

Sentri home hub - access your home's status directly from the device

Sentri home hub – access your home’s status directly from the device

All audio and video streams can be accessed thru Sentri?s app. Users can receive alerts if the device senses any irregularity. Staying true to its ?smart? promise, the system can learn over time and will be able to analyze situations that set off false alarms, reducing distracting alerts the longer it is used.

Since the device has its own microphone and speaker, it can also serve as an intercom system to communicate with other people present in your home. The Sentri home hub, naturally, can connect to other smart home devices like lights, door locks, environmental sensors, and plugs so users can automate and control them using their phone or tablet.

Sentri home hub can connect all of your home's smart devices

Sentri home hub can connect all of your home’s smart devices

According to Kronosight, they had reached the $ 200,000 goal for their Sentri home hub within 48 hours. Those who have contributed $ 249 or more will have the first manufactured units. Although the startup had already produced some prototypes, they said they still need additional funding to proceed with large-scale production. The Sentri home hub is expected to sell for $ 350 once it is fully launched in the market on May 2015.

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