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Our new review system has been finalized and is now in use. You can read the descriptions we’ve posted after the jump. We decided to go with a modified school grade system. We’ve added the S and SS for those truly high class games. If you are familiar with Japanese games, then the S ratings should be familiar to you. I hope this helps you determine which games are good for you. As always, don’t take our reviews as gospel. Everyone has their own preferences in gaming and our reviews should only be used as a guide. I implore you to at least download the demo of every review you read to make your own judgement.

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grade F This game does not cut it. Regardless of how noble the ideation was,there is too little reason to invest in this product even to rent it.

grade DThis game is well below an acceptable “par” for its type. There maybe some good ideas in here, but they’re buried so deep the search isn’t worth the prize. Miss it.

grade CThis game is passing, but barely. It might be worth a rental if you like the type or has some interesting aspect of game design to point out, but its flaws measure almost evenly with its strengths. Reader’s choice but not recommended.

grade B This game is a good example of its genre. It does most things competently and well, and while its flaws are present and impossible to ignore, they don’t prevent the overall product from being acceptable on good terms. If you like the type, you may want this one.

grade A An excellent example of its genre, definitely worth your attention. The details are present and correct and the overall experience sets it above standards for its type. Worth owning for most fans of the genre.

grade S This game does more than just get it right – it does something genuinely worth seeing. If you’re a fan of the genre, you seriously can’t miss this one, and even if you don’t like the type of game you may still want to check it out. This is an example to others of its genre.

grade S This nearly-impossible ranking means a game that is so close to perfect as not to matter. The synergistic experience makes this product stand out not just among others of its genre, but to the entire industry. This is the kind of game people will still be widely discussing in ten years. An essential experience, even people who normally don’t like this kind of game should check it out.

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