New Qualcomm Clear Sight Technology For Dual-Camera Systems

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In an effort to provide on-going improvement to mobile digital imaging, Qualcomm has unveiled its latest Clear Sight technology. This new technology works best on dual-camera systems that are currently available in the market.

Prior to the release of the new iPhone 7 Plus, there have been a handful of mobile phones who offer dual-camera systems. The LG G5, for instance, features two rear cameras for image capture. These cameras work hand in hand to get better image quality in every shot. Apart from the G5, the V20 will also sport a dual-camera system.

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With the rise of dual-camera phones, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the capabilities of two camera systems. Different technologies emerge to supplement the existing ones. And now, the latest addition from Qualcomm is the new Clear Sight Technology.

The Clear Sight technology works by mimicking human vision. Human eyes have two sensors that are sensitive to various frequencies of light.

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In a human eye?s retina, there are sensors called ?rods? and ?cones?. These sensors respond to various frequencies and intensities of light. The ?rods? are more sensitive to monochromatic light. This makes the rods work best in low-light conditions. On the other hand, the ?cones? respond to a more vivid color range in brightly lit environments. These sensors make up what humans perceive as vision and color.

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To mimic this, Qualcomm?s Clear Sight incorporates the same dual-sensor system. One of the sensors is tuned to sense color while the other sensor is for black-and-white. These two camera sensors, much like the retina, work together with the help of Qualcomm?s Spectra Image Signal Processing.

The Spectra ISP boasts of the ability to process images from both sensors in real time. It does this by merging the colored and the monochromatic images into one high-quality image.

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The new Clear Sight technology is available on Qualcomm?s Snapdragon 820 and 821 SoC Processors. Together with the Adreno GPUs, consumers will soon be able to experience unparalleled image quality from their ultra-portable devices.

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