New PS4 Pro Nacon Controller Announced, Allows D-Pad And Left Stick Customization

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New Nacon PS4 Pro Controller
Image Courtesy Of Nacon

The number of third party controllers compatible with the PS4 Pro are growing as a new elite controller has been released by Nacon. The new controller releases just a few months after the release of another PlayStation 4 Pro controller from the same manufacturer. The new Nacon PS4 Pro controller could be the next best third-party controller in the market.

A press release details the new Nacon PS4 Pro controller called the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2. The new third-party controller is an improvement of the previous model and it has a few new features to boot. Those looking for an additional controller should consider getting the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2, granted they have enough money.

Just like the original Nacon controller, the four additional buttons at the back can be customized. What’s new here is that the directional buttons can also be configured to either 4 or 8 directions.

Additionally, the left stick can now be customized for sensitivity, dead zones, etc. Originally, only the right stick can be customized. Other third-party controllers can’t be customized to this extent and this is perhaps the biggest change in the Revolution Pro Controller 2.

The new Nacon PS4 Pro controller is usable for PC gaming. The controller has a USB Type-C connection, so playing PC games with the controller should be a breeze to do.

The other features of the device include:

  • New, improved user interface of the associated software
  • Software compatibility with MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) /10.12 (Sierra)
  • Fully customizable left and right stick (dead zone and response curve)
  • Option to set the control to four or eight directions
  • Manual configuration of the M1 / ??M2 / M3 / M4 shortcuts in the PS4 ™ Pro control mode

Like the first Nacon Revolution Pro controller and the Raizer Raiju, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 is possibly a wired controller to lessen latency. The new controller will be released sometime this summer, though a price has yet to be announced.

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