New PS4 Exclusive Announced: ‘Without Memory’

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Without Memory PS4 Exclusive
Without Memory PS4 Exclusive

A new PlayStation 4 exclusive game has been announced. It is titled Without Memory. An interactive thriller game being developed by Dinosaurum Games using Unreal Engine 4. Not much detail have been given about the game, but it seems to be shaping up to be a good game, as it is inspired by Quantic Dream?s games like Beyond Two Souls.?

The story will follow an ordinary girl who wakes up in a forest with no idea how she got there, and does not even know a single thing about her past. (Pretty much how the indie game Limbo works) The player?s decision will affect the curve of the story and there are 10 endings to see, so there is going to be a great amount of replay value here.

As the founder of the game said that Without Memory takes its inspiration from games like Beyond: Two Souls, Arkady Kulilov also said that they one of their goals is to surpass it by giving the players full control over the decisions made in the game, which in turn, highly influences the course of the game?s story. He also said that they aim to get the game to look ?great? and on par with this generation’s standards up to 2016.

The game Without Memory is also going to be set in a semi-open world and it will play out in a third-person view. It will utilize Dual Shock 4?s touch pad for selecting options and actions in the game, but the main purpose of having the game exclusively on the PS4 is because of its sheer processing power. They did this in order to successfully deliver the game?s supposedly ?breakthrough? animation and graphics.

Dinosaurum is already working out on some stuff and hopefully, they could bring the game on this year?s E3. The game is set be released in 2016.

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