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New Pokken Tournament Characters For Release on December 1

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New Pokken Tournament Characters
New Pokken Tournament Characters

New Pokken Tournament characters are about to be released on December 1. This, according to the official Pokken Tournament Twitter account. The new character is the newest addition to the arcade version of the game. This has been the case with every new character that has been revealed since the Wii U version. This character will also appear on the official Pokken Tournament website.

According to iDigital Times, the newest member to be joining the Pokken Tournament are actually not one, not two, but three. Dataminers found out there are three Pokemon. This include Darkrai and Scizor. These were announced to be playable characters. But the third Pokemon, Empoleon, is yet to be known.

The announcement on December 1 might just be Empoleon’s much awaited reveal. Then again, there was a last addition to the Pokken Tournament which caught gamers by surprise. Croagunk was added despite being a Support Pokemon. Now this has opened doors for Support Pokemons to be playable in the game.

From Arcade to Wii U

Not every new character in the Pokken Tournament has made the jump from arcade to Wii U. There are still no announcements if Scizor, Darkrai, Croagunk and the new upcoming character will be added to the console. But with the Nintendo Switch in the near future, there might be a Switch version of Pokken Tournament with the content that was newly released.

Gamers will have to wait patiently until March 2017 for the Nintendo Switch to be released. However, the latest info about its latest console will be revealed come January. For more of new Pokken Tournament characters news and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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