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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Complete List Revealed: Ultra Beasts, Legendaries Plus More

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is only a few days away and fans already cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming game. The brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS is surely going to be a hit, with some excellent new features and new Pokemon about to be introduced.

One of the new things which Pokemon fans can expect in Pokemon Sun and Moon are the Ultra Beasts. These Ultra Beasts are not available in previous Pokemon games which is the reason why many are excited to pick up and play Pokemon Sun and Moon.

While recent data miners have leaked a lot of details about Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo recently joined in by giving its fans more information about the game. After the complete Pokedex has surfaced online, the Nintendo website gave out information on a couple of new Ultra Beasts which will have many fans giddy with anticipation.

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One of the Ultra Beasts it revealed is UB-O5 Glutton which it describes as having an astounding appetite. The description further says that it devours not only objects but even the ground, rivers and seas. This is certainly one Ultra Beast that you would not want to encounter when it is hungry.

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Another Ultra Beast that it introduced is called UB-03 Lighting. While the name of the Ultra Beast has been disclosed, Nintendo did not really provide a lot of information about it. It did tease fans though that more details will be revealed about UB-03 Lighting during the gamers? adventures in the Alola region once they are already able to play the game.

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These two Ultra Beasts will certainly generate a ton of excitement for Pokemon Sun and Moon which is expected to launch later this week. Many Pokemon fans will be waiting intently for the release of the game so they can finally experience the latest Pokemon game from Nintendo and Game Freak.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as on other great games which are releasing soon.

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