New Pokemon Evolution Type Called ‘Primal Reversion’ Confirmed For Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Update

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new Pokemon evolution type called Primal Reversion coming to the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

We can now say for sure that there is indeed a new Pokemon evolution type coming to the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Since Mega Evolution is so 2013, Nintendo is debuting ?Primal Reversion? which we will first see in action with their two legendaries, Kyogre and Groudon.

Earlier this month, we reported that there will be a new Pokemon evolution type coming to the new versions of the game. Though that?s not confirmed at the time, avid fans have noticed that something is not right with the two legendaries? appearance in the recent Pokemon poster (see image above).

Developers of these new Pokemon games have promised that they will be more than just remakes of the popular Hoenn-based games and emphasized that ?Omega Ruby? and ?Alpha Sapphire? will both have their own flavor.

Speaking about the new Pokemon evolution type, Primal Reversion is expected to make the two legendaries significantly larger and even more powerful. Kyogre?s special Ability will change; its Special Attack stat will increase too. Similarly, the Special Attack of Groudon will enjoy a boost while its Ability is also expected to change. However, Game Freak, the developer behind the Pokemon series, has kept mum about the details regarding the changes with the legendaries? Ability.

A visual comparison on how Kyogre and Groudon evolved to Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, respectively, is shown in the photos below.

Primal Reversion - from Kyogre to Primal Kyogre (click to enlarge)

Primal Reversion – from Kyogre to Primal Kyogre (click to enlarge)

Primal Reversion - from Groudon to Primal Groudon (click to enlarge)

Primal Reversion – from Groudon to Primal Groudon (click to enlarge)

To enlighten players about the background of these two legendary Pokemons, they provided a famous Hoenn legend in their official website:

“Long, long ago, there appeared in Hoenn two Pok?mon of fearsome power. These two became known, in later times, as Groudon and Kyogre. When Groudon howled, the earth swelled and the land grew wide. The sun blazed overhead, and all the world around the creature was enveloped in incandescent heat. When Kyogre roared, water poured forth and the seas spread outward. Dark clouds enshrouded the world, and the deluge fell upon all…

?It was a primal age, early in the world?s history. The natural world was overflowing with energy. That energy granted Groudon and Kyogre an overwhelming power. Seeking ever more of that energy for themselves, the two clashed again and again, and their battles cast the people and Pok?mon of Hoenn into great danger. Brimming with the overwhelming power granted to them by nature?s energy, their transformation was named “Primal Reversion” by later people. And the people called their tormentors Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre…”

Nintendo already made the announcement last month confirming the arrival of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. These sequels to the massively popular Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby will be released on November 21 this year for the Nintendo 3DS.


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