New PlayStation 4 Owner? Here’s Some PS4 Tips And Tricks To Help You Know Your Console More

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Useful PS4 tips and tricks to help you get started

If you?re one of those people who have just bought the PlayStation 4 ? good work, you?ve now guaranteed yourself access to the best games in the next two or three years. That is, if Sony decided not to launch a new PlayStation 5 (or PS4s?) next year. Pardon me, naming next-gen consoles is not my thing. To make it up to you, I?ve done a little research for new owners of Sony?s current-gen console. Here are a few PS4 tips and tricks to help you get started.

Turn your smartphone into a PS4 keyboard

So rival Xbox One has SmartGlass? Don?t be sad, PS4 has the PlayStation App. This companion app let?s you use your smartphone as a second screen to type in text entries. Just connect your phone and your PS4 to the same Wi-Fi network, log in using the same PlayStation Network (PSN) account and voila, instant keyboard!

Are you the social, share-it-all type of gamer? Here’s an easy PS4 tip to take screenshots faster

If you happen to be the gamer who wants everybody to know that they?re already on Level 167, this is your lucky day. Share photos of your gameplay by following this PS4 tip to quickly take screenshots. Begin by pressing the Share button. In the menu, go to Options > Share Settings > Share Button Control Type. Choose the one where you can automatically take and share screenshots by doing a press-and-hold move on the Share button.

Here’s another way to charge your beloved DualShock 4 controllers

The DualShock 4 now sports a micro USB socket so you can charge it by plugging it to most smartphone chargers. But there?s another way around this if your chargers are nowhere in sight. You may set your PS4 to charge your DualShock even when the console is in standby mode. Do this by going to the PS4?s settings, choose Power Saving settings, and ensure that you?ve checked the ?Supply Power From USB Ports? tick box.

Running out of controllers? Use your PlayStation Vita as a DualShock substitute

Not willing to shell out major bucks for another controller? I?m happy to say that you can use your PS Vita as an extra DualShock controller, provided you have one of course. Here?s the PS4 tip to help make this possible. First, set up remote play in the PS Vita as usual; doing this will turn off all connected controllers to PS4 automatically. Now if you want to connect your other DualShocks, just press the PS button on those controllers and that?s it ? more controllers, more co-op!

Log in to your PSN account by using the PS4 camera’s facial recognition

One of the most amazing, or should I say creepiest (in reference to privacy freaks), features of the Xbox One is its facial recognition. By using Kinect, Xbox owners can easily log in to their account just by flaunting their pretty faces. However, the just-released version of the said console is now stripped of that power. PS4 owners can also do that, thanks to the PlayStation Camera. Once installed, all you have to do is proceed to Settings > Login Settings > then choose Enable Face Recognition.


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