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A new Peggle game is coming out for mobile devices.? According to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, the ?much anticipated new Peggle game? is already on testing phase.

Peggle was released back in May on iOS app stores in markets like Singapore and New Zealand. Even though most gamers around the world haven?t heard about this game, EA just keeps bragging about the new Peggle.

In an interview with Gamespot, an EA representative talks about the new Peggle game?s development:

“We’ve released [a] very early version of a mobile Peggle game in select markets as a way of bringing players closer to our development process and getting real feedback from our fans. This new Peggle game is still in development, and we’re making lots of changes during these test releases to make sure we bring our community the best, most enjoyable Peggle experience. We’ll have more information on this new version in the coming months.”

To shed some light about the new Peggle game, let?s see the video gameplay of the game.

The gameplay looks like a candy crush version of ping pong. However, if you lose a life, you get to wait a couple of minutes to gain it back. Or if you are way too impatient, you will just have to pay for it. But as the levels go higher, it means the timer will be longer as well. If you finally get the hang of it, the timer will kill the fun. Even though this game looks promising and entertaining, some gamers are not that impressed with EA?s recent approach to Free-to-Play games

According to most people in game communities, this is just another of EA?s ?pay to win? project that will soon fade away. EA was widely criticized about one of their previous releases, Dungeon Keeper. Even as the game was labeled as Free-to-Play, most of the features of the game requires you to pay.

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