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New Patch for ‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Crashes Platforms; Bethesda Offers Quick Fixes

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A new update for Skyrim Special Edition?has brought more problems than fixes on the PC and consoles. Patch 1.03 on console and Patch 1.1 on PC experienced crashes and freeze frames after the update was launched. The update, which is created in order to fix the game?s audio problems, apparently brought additional issues to these two platforms.

Unfortunately, both modded and non-modded versions of Skyrim Special Editions suffered the same glitch. In particular, players report that after saving their file in the game, it freezes and and what it takes to fix it is to restart the game. Bethesda heard their fans? cries as after a few hours after issues and problems were disclosed, the developer released a patch 1.2 to address the concerns.

PC players first experienced game stability after Skyrim Special Edition patch 1.2 was released. Nevertheless, some players, especially the ones using the console, continue to experience problems. In particular, Patch 1.2 includes issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game, issue with water flow not rendering properly and crashes related to turning into a human from werewolf form and reloading after ?changing the Load Order of mods.

On the opposite end, Skyrim Special Edition also has the best mods a videogame can offer. Among these modifications include Falskaar, which is also available on the PC and Xbox One. Also includes are Frostfall, Alternate Start – Live Another Live, The Forgotten City, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, Conan Hyborian Age, Phenderix Magic Evolved, Open Cities and the Cutting Room Floors.

The Complete ?Skyrim Special Edition? Patch 1.2 include:

  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Addressed?issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game (PC)
  • Fixed issue with water flow not rendering properly
  • Addressed?crash related to changing from werewolf back to human form
  • Fixed crash related to reloading after changing Load Order of mods
  • General bug fixing and improvements with browsing Mods

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Try and see whether these patch notes were able to address your issues on the game. For more news and update about the latest Skyrim Special Edition patch notes, make sure to read and follow us here on TheBitBag.

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