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Overwatch Update 2016: Comics Introduces LGBT Character; See What the Heroes Are Doing This Christmas

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Overwatch Christmas Event

Holiday cheer is in the air and it can also be felt in the new Overwatch comics. Blizzard has just released a refreshingly joyous look into the lives of the characters. It is giving us all the holiday feels.

Overwatch Comics

Overwatch received a Winter Wonderland update most recently. The comic centers on the same theme. In the comics, Tracer rushes to find a gift for her girlfriend. She dashes around London trying to secure the perfect Christmas gift. But she runs out of time and she?s not having much luck.

But for the spirit of Christmas, the story could not end up unhappily. Everything falls to their rightful places in the end. Tracer and her girlfriend share a passionate kiss. The scene is sure to make the LGBT community erupt with joy. Tracer is the cover star of Overwatch.

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Blizzard previously teased fans that it will introduce more LGBT characters in Overwatch. It was revealed that a canonically gay character is arriving soon. It looks like the character has arrived now and that is no other than Tracer.

Overwatch clearly joins the leagues with over production companies that introduce more LGBT characters due to popular demand. The Overwatch holiday comic is called ?Reflections?.

The two-page spread also shows what everyone else is up to this Christmas. It reveals that Zenyatta and Genji are both in Nepal. Genji heads to Nepal to train with the omnic monks. Zenyatta, on the other hand, is meditating.

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Pharrah is seen with a grey haired man. He could be her dad or a date perhaps. Meanwhile, Roadhog and Junkrat are robbing Luna Park on Coney Island. These two criminals can?t change their old ways even just for Christmas.

As for Mercy, she is working at a hospital. This hero clearly knows how to spread Christmas vibes by helping people.

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