New NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is Specially Designed for Games

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They say technology drives change. Years ago, we have to sit in front of the PC just to play our favorite games. But as technology changes every day, our lives do change as well. Today we use tablets and mobile phones to play the games we want. Now NVIDIA has taken mobile gaming to the next level as they announced?yesterday the new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, the first tablet dedicated to run high-end games.

The new SHIELD Tablet is the latest addition to NVIDIA?s SHIELD family of portable gaming devices and it is packed with hardcore gaming power. And with its 8-inch full HD display, you can now enjoy playing the latest games on the go or watch your favorite movies on Netflix at 1080p.

The SHIELD runs on NVIDIA?s latest Tegra K1 mobile processor, which uses 192 dedicated graphic cores. This enables the tablet to run the most advanced gaming engines such as Unreal Game Engine 4, which is a first in tablets.

If you?re an artist and want to use your tablet for creating sketches, then you won?t be disappointed either. The tablet comes with its own stylus which runs on DirectStylus2 technology. You can also use its own app for artists, the NVIDIA Dabbler, to help you design your own images.

The tablet also comes with the SHIELD wireless controller, a precision controller designed for both Android and PC gaming. The controller uses a direct Wi-Fi connection, which has low latency and better bandwidth compared to the Bluetooth technology. Aside from gaming, you can also use the controller?s built-in microphone to command your tablet to run apps or play music.

The SHIELD is also the first mobile device integrated to Twitch, the world?s leading livestreaming platform. You can now broadcast and share your games live through your tablet! Paired with the wireless controller, you can now stream games like Titanfall over a Wi-Fi connection or an optional 4G LTE connection from your PC.

The SHIELD runs on the Android platform and uses microSD cards of up to 128GB of storage capacity. It also gets over-the-air updates directly from NVIDIA so you don?t have to worry about updating your device.

The NVIDIA SHIELD will be available in the U.S. and Canada starting July 29, while release for Europe and Asia is planned later this year.


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