New Ninja Gaiden Game Coming? Composer Teases New Project

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Ninja Gaiden

It looks like fans are getting a new Ninja Gaiden game, or at least some sort of project related to the popular series. There hasn?t been a new installment in the series since the third game and the poorly received Yaiba spinoff, so this could be very interesting news.

On Twitter, Keiji Yamagishi stated that he will be working on a new project that is ?related to Ninja Gaiden.? Considering how Yamagishi was the composer for the score of various games in the series, this could mean ?a brand new game in the series.

Furthermore, Yamagishi also stated that details on the mysterious project will be revealed in July. This is great news for fans of the series, since they will not have to wait for long to hear about possible details about the aforementioned project. While there has not been a new Ninja Gaiden game in the longest time, Ryu Hayabusa was one of the playable characters in Dead or Alive 5. Hayabusa also appeared in some Dynasty Warriors titles since Tecmo merged with Koei.

Since fans have yet to see a Ninja Gaiden game on PS4 and Xbox One, this could be an indicator that the series will finally debut in current-gen consoles. There is also the possibility of the older games being compiled together for an HD re-release, which has become the norm for games as of late. Considering how many times the first Ninja Gaiden has been released ? even getting a Vita version ? this might not be a necessary move.

Gematsu took a shot at Konami, saying that they hope the project is not a pachinko machine. Considering how the company did this to great game series like Metal Gear and Silent Hill, the fear of Ninja Gaiden going this route may be understandable.

Fans might hear about this new Ninja Gaiden project in July, so fans can only hope that it is a new game in the series. It is doubtful that fans would want a spinoff, after the mess that was the Yaiba game which was released on last-gen consoles.

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