New Mysterious Halo 5 Character, Cortana? Palmer? Or Somebody New?

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Halo 5- Guardians - Who is this?
Halo 5- Guardians – Who is this?

Unveiling of Halo 5 : ?Guardian last Friday brought out a great amount of anticipation from gamers. But just as gamers thought about Master Chief?s ?Saga?, there?s also some questions about the upcoming title for the series, and one of the biggest questions is, who is the armored person alongside Master Chief in the box-art of the game?

This image has sparked an online debate among gamers and longtime fans of the Halo series. One of the earlier conclusions is the character is based off Halo 4, suggesting that the character is actually Cortana, ?Chief?s ?A.I companion on the past Halo games. The blue visor and the ?feminine? design of the armor also suggests this possibility.

Some people won?t buy? the probability that Cortana made it into the physical world, and considered an entirely different possibility. That, it was an actual upgrade to Master Chief?s Spartan Armor. Many fans might find this a bit uncalled for, however. It is not high-time that the designers and developers consider giving Master Chief a new look right now.

Another possibility, according to some people, is that it is actually Sarah Palmer. She is one of the main characters in Halo: Spartan Assault. Just like the main protagonist of the series, Palmer has been outfitted with a similar Mjolnir Armor. It might be a good time for her to make her comeback.

However, it turns out that all these possibilities are incorrect. Josh Holmes from 343 Industries confirmed this. In a Twitter post, he cleared out all these rumors by stating that the character is neither Cortana, nor Palmer, and he is a HE. He is a new character and not an update to Chief?s Spartan armor.

Aside from the information that he is a new character, Holmes didn?t give out much info as to what role, this new character has, for Halo 5 : Guardians. Perhaps, in the upcoming E3, 343 Industries will clear up some info for us.

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