New Monster Hunter Game for iOS Released in Japan

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Monster Hunter 2nd G
Monster Hunter 2nd G

The last Monster Hunter on the mobile platform was a whack. We really have to admit it (and Capcom should also play a big part on this ?admitting? stuff). Out from nowhere, Monster Hunter 2nd G for mobile came out and it caught us all by a big surprise.

The game came out in the Japan market last week. Monster Hunter 2nd G is known as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in North America, though there?s no definite date on when it will hit the North American app store (or if there is going to be an English version at all).

Like we?ve mentioned, this isn?t the first Monster Hunter game to hit the iOS, but the first one was a bit of a spin-off in terms of gameplay and a lot of players were disappointed by the huge change in the traditional approach to the game?s core gameplay elements. This time, Capcom brought justice to the series by retaining the actual gameplay of the same game it got ported from and with enhanced graphics for the mobile version.

The iOS version supports MFi controllers for more streamlined gameplay and of course, online multiplayer. This is the very essence of playing the game. With your friends. The current price for the game is around $13 and it is without any in-app-purchase, so the price can be justified. (And good thing, CAPCOM isn?t doing their DLC/IAP malpractice here)

For those who aren?t aware what Monster Hunter is, it is a game where a group of players can work together on hunting monsters down and working cooperatively. It has some RPG elements which aren?t that hard to learn, but they aren?t easy to master as well. The original Monster Hunter games first came out on Sony?s PSP and the other ones appeared on Nintendo?s Wii, 3DS and Wii U due to the game?s high demand and popularity.

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