New MMORPG in development for Spring 2010

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For what some say is a platform that is dieing, I am seeing a rise in the MMO genre. Which to me is a very smart move for the platform since by default IMO is a testament to the open nature of the computer platform as a gaming system.

Here is the presser for your reading and analysis:

(Press Release) – Sep 01, 2009 – WINNIPEG, Manitoba The 13th Hour Studios today has announced their latest digital media project, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) titled Aerrevan set for release in the second quarter of 2010. Today they are also announcing the launch of the game website at a site where the story and lore begin to come alive.

“The response we have received so far has been phenomenal,” said Sean Oosterveen, Aerrevan’s Project Manager, “We are very excited to be working on this project and hope we can really bring something great to the MMORPG market. We believe it is important to stay true to the original purpose of gaming, which is to entertain, Aerrevan is no exception.”

Aerrevan is a brand new MMORPG game, it takes place on the continent of Lurris in a world shattered by the onset of a magical force known as Aer. Aer has strong magical qualities, but is also highly toxic to the body. It has been four years since the Baehoman meteor struck Lurris, bringing with it this toxic element. When the meteor struck, Aer was unevenly dispersed around the world, many died as their very lifeforce was stripped from their bodies, and others became mutated, turning into horrible creatures. Everything from the wildlife to the long dead has felt the effects of Aer. In the years before the meteor strike, Lurris was hardly in a state of peace, the three races of the world, Humans, Orcs, and Elves were held together with weak political arrangements made by their leaders. Today, a new level of alliance has formed. Two men have come forth with solutions to long term survival in an Aer-inflicted world. Great Mage Vastellyn, one of the oldest and wisest mages in the world, has devised a method to neutralize excess Aer and purge it from the world, ultimately ridding Lurris of Aer altogether. On the other hand, Great Mage Kalam, a mysterious and very powerful mage, aims to harness the power of Aer and use it. Followers of these mages fight endlessly for their beliefs with no control from the racial leaders. These skirmishes are centered around the Baehoman meteor itself, resting now in a valley carved by its impact. The gameplay experience in Aerrevan is centralized around Aer and its effects on the world.

The 13th Hour Studios is an independent game production studio specializing in MMORPG games. They have been involved in the production of several gaming projects and technology development cycles. With a strong commitment to a novel quality gaming experience Aerrevan is poised to offer gamers a new and exciting experience. See for yourself at

“I believe Aerrevan is the largest and most intense gaming project to ever come out of Winnipeg. The fact that a project of this magnitude is coming out of Manitoba is truly amazing.”

Feature: Seamless World
While exploring, you will never have to experience a single loading screen or pause in gameplay. Everything from houses to dungeons are 100% seamless. This system is used extensively throughout the world, every single structure has an interior.

Here are a few screens:

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