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New Metro Game Set For 2017 Release; To be Based on Metro 235 Book?

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New Metro Game
New Metro Game

The Metro series is finally getting another title to join the successful post-apocalyptic franchise in 2017. It?s been awhile since we?ve heard any word from the developers, but atleast now we have more to look forward to in 2017.

The Next Metro

The game won?t be picked up were the last game, Metro: Last Light ended. It will actually start from the end of the last book published on the franchise. The book is called Metro 2035 and it is the last book about the franchise.

There?s little info on the next Metro game. There?s not even a hint of a title. But we can expect something big and something different from the last two Metro games.

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The upcoming game is described as ?an era of great discoveries?. So it?s pretty plausible to expect new monsters, new maps, and some great revelations to be discovered.


Metro 2035

To help you prepare for the next Metro game, we have a quick summary on Metro 2035. The events in the book focus on Artyom and the great quest exodus he and his people are undertaking. They all want to return to the above world, and they?re ready to do what ever it takes to do it.

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Metro 2035 is a standalone story from previous books and games. But it sets itself apart as the Artyom?s grand story so far in the franchise.

Many crucial events and characters in the past all lead up to Metro 2035. So it actually makes sense that 4A Games would pick up the story from the book instead of Last Light. And also, without spoiling too much, some grand revelations are held in the book that will challenge everything you know about the story so far.

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So yes, the book is pretty great and if you?re a huge fan of the franchise like us, then you should definitely give it a read. If you want to get your hands on the book right now, then click on this link here.

Well that?s all the news for the next Metro game for now. Only thing left to do is wait for a full release date.

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